3 Ways to Style a Denim Jumpsuit

Guess what? You’re allowed to wear white after Labor Day! Owning a denim jumpsuit is a must in my opinion because there are so many ways to style them and they’re a staple in your wardrobe. My denim jumpsuit is from Nasty Gal, which is my new favorite store because they always have sales and cute pieces.

Look #1img_0657This fur coat from Forever 21 dresses up the jumpsuit and gives it a more sophisticated look, rather than looking like a painter. It also keeps you warmer in the winter because Michigan SUCKKSS :))img_0674I’m also wearing my white boots (again) from Express because they just complete any look (even though I usually don’t wear them out because I can’t walk in them)img_0670img_0675img_0659

Look #2img_0663This look really has me feeling like Bob Ross but I’m not even mad about it because he was an icon. It’s a step down from the first look but still a bit dressy with the platform boots (which are so comfortable I wear them everyday). I got these boots from Sundance Shoes. img_0664I’m also wearing this black turtleneck underneath from H&M. I got this top specifically for layering because it’s a super thin and soft material and it’s so versatile.  img_0665img_0666img_0667img_0678This last look is definitely the most casual of them all. I wore the same sweater I have worn almost everyday that I got from H&M. This sweater literally goes with every outfit it’s my favorite thing I own. I feel like the most important thing about shopping is finding items that you know you can put together AT LEAST 3 outfits with pieces you already own.img_0660I’m also wearing my Filas that have little flowers on the side that you’ll never know about because they didn’t get in any of the pictures. I bought these when I was in Paris and I never wear them because they’re too small so if you have any tips for that please let me know!!img_0661Even thought you can barely see them, I’m also wearing these cute hoops from Francesca’s, I re-pierced my right ear myself so that I could wear these so appreciate me please.img_0662img_0673

Look #4_MG_9993.jpgBob Ross.

I hope you found some inspiration from this blog and it encourages you to dress outside of your comfort zone. If you get anything out of this post, remember to try to buy staple pieces that you can make at least 3 outfits with!


☆ NYE Lookbook ☆

I’m literally obsessed with December holidays so I wanted to show you how I would style an outfit for NYE. I love being extra and wearing statement places but you can dial these down if they are out of your comfort zone!

Look #1

Okay this look is BOUJEE let’s not lie. I feel like we all want to look a little expensive on NYE but this jacket from Forever 21 was actually affordable and the quality is amazing (it’s also super warm if you live in Michigan and its -30 degrees out).

I wore these white boots from Express, I’ve worn these in so many blogs I don’t even have to mention them anymore you just get it. I love them okay that is all. The pants I’m wearing are from Zara and they’re super stretchy and comfortable so your feet may be dying but at least your legs are comfortable.This white top is from Forever 21 and and it’s honestly not that important but I need to wear a shirt you know… The little headband is literally from Five and Below I bet you didn’t expect that ugh I love that place. Look #2

The second look is a little bit more casual and comfortable. This is my favorite sweater in the world from H&M (not gonna lie it’s itchy but just layer something underneath and you’re set).

If you don’t live under a rock (I mean this with all the love) you’ve seen these pants before on my blog and if you do live under a rock they’re from Forever 21. Super cute. Super comfy. Kind of cold af. Special thanks to this gem for making this blog post possible ❤

~Behind the scenes featuring my quarter life crisis~When you paint a whole stool for a blog post and you forget it at home :/

Thanks for tuning in and supporting my absence. See you when I see you.


Who I follow on Instagram!

I have an UNHEALTHY obsession with Instagram but I don’t think there is anything wrong with getting a little inspo from others. (Okay but maybe my daily stalking could be cut back a little). If you are just as obsessed as me, here are a few accounts that I have been loving hopefully you will too!

@zoelaz is my all-time favorite. She is adorable, super sweet and has the best feed with warm tones. She has the cutest delicate, feminine style. Her page is a nice mix of fashion, travel and photography, not to mention her and her husband are adorable. I am always looking for genuine people on Instagram because it can often be very superficial, so I am super happy I found her. She also just released her presets and buying them was the best decision I have ever made.



@gypsea_lust is another one of my favorites and I have been following her for a pretty long time now. Her travel photos are incredible and they inspire and motivate me. She has a beachy, boho style, which I love. She also has some presets which I really want to buy but ya girl is BROKE.


I just recently started following @alpaaal_ but he automatically became one of my favorite instagrammers. His feed is very unique and aesthetic and I love his outfits, they are a mix of chic and edgy. Who says women can’t gain fashion inspo from men? If you’re looking for an instagrammer with a clean, vintage theme, I would definitely recommend him.


@livelyus has a clean feed with a gorgeous tones and a pop of red. I mean seriously, look at those tones. I am always fascinated by people like her that keep the colors on their feed so consistent, I don’t think I could do it. She tags the brands for most of her outfits which I always appreciate. Her instagram the perfect mixture of fashion and travel so it obviously made my list.


I have so many more accounts that I stalk daily, but I just wanted to share a few for now! Let me know if I should do more of these 😉