Affordable Looks with SHEIN

Fashion can be hard when you’re a broke college student but I’m here to save the day. All of these outfits are super affordable and trendy. I didn’t include shoes in this because I feel like it is important to invest in nice shoes that you can wear with a ton of outfits. Huge thank you to SHEIN for sending me some really cute pieces! SHEIN is known for being an affordable brand and I really love their products!! I only work with brands that I truly support because I want to give honest reviews. If you want to shop my looks or see what else SHEIN has you can use my coupon code Q1lexishepard15 for 15% off! I will have their website and the links to the pieces I have at the end of the blog!

Look #1_MG_0138This first outfit is very edgy and relaxed. The sweatshirt I’m wearing is from SHEIN. I was literally so surprised by how soft and comfortable it is for only $16! I got this in a size XL so I could wear it oversized. You could also wear this sweatshirt with high boots and you’ll look like an icon.  _MG_0180These leather pants are from Forever 21 and they’re pretty stretchy but be careful if you purchase these because the waist is SO TIGHT. I usually have issues with pants gapping at the waist but these pants are the complete opposite. My fanny pack is also from Forever 21, it’s the perfect size for a cross body bag and you can fit so much inside of it that I’m feeling like Mary Poppins. Both the pants and the bag were each $20 (bringing the total cost of the outfit to $56, not bad not bad)_MG_0239.jpg

Look #2IMG_1751This look is a bit more sophisticated but I wanted to keep it casual with the sneakers. The grid suit is from SHEIN. I feel like this would be a good outfit if you want to look professional without looking uptight because it’s a loose fitting suit. It also allows you to add your own unique style. This two piece set is only $22 total!IMG_1749I’m also wearing a simple black turtleneck from H&m. I don’t remember the exact price but I know it was around $10 so the total cost of this outfit is around $32! That’s a really good deal in my opinion.IMG_1748If you want to shop my looks or see what else SHEIN has, don’t forget to use my coupon code Q1lexishepard15.

SHEIN’s Website: http://bit.ly/2svKpwN

Tan Hoodie: http://bit.ly/2FxxzGX

Grid Two Piece Set: http://bit.ly/2FD0VTy


Rain Rain GO AWAY

We have all been patiently waiting for spring but Michigan is not feeling it. It is currently pouring rain and 32 degrees out here so I am :(. Not to mention the snow we are getting on Monday… But of course I had to take advantage of the rain and enjoy a nice cup of coffee from my favorite coffee shop and visit a cute little museum.


The yellow top I am wearing is actually thrifted, proving that you actually CAN look bangin’ on a budget. I am seriously obsessed with this top and it is perfect for spring. I always end up wearing it on rainy days for some reason, probably because I need a little sunshine in my life.


This coat is from Brandy Melville. It’s perfect for this awkward winter/spring weather because it’s not too heavy but it is just enough to keep me warm. It’s also super soft and comfy.

My jeans are also from Brandy Melville (lol I have an obsession okay). I think they’re super cute and they fit really well. They’re just not super comfortable but I just hate jeans in general.

The glasses are from Urban Outfitters and they are totally fake. I secretly want bad vision so that I can wear vintage glasses all the time.

I’m also wearing my old and nasty (thanks to frat parties) adidas superstars with these cute striped socks from Forever 21. I definitely need to upgrade my shoe collection, but this will do for now.

IMG_0051 2

Okay I’m just gonna warn you right now, if you’re in the East Lansing area, do not try to Hibiscus donut from Strange Matter!! Everything else is delicious but this donut is disgusting. Just don’t do it, okay, bye.


Easter Sunday

Hey! I usually like to dress up for Easter, but this year, since I was coming home from school for the weekend and just wanted to relax, I wanted to keep it pretty casual. We had a nice little brunch with my grandparents and immediate family. Here I am enjoying my (second) cup of coffee in an extremely posed and planned picture (this took about 30 minutes).

The black crop top underneath the vest is from Zara, it is a cute little ribbed top that fits perfectly and goes with basically anything. It is super easy to just throw on whenever I need a basic top.

The vest I am wearing(stolen from my mom) is from a local boutique called Rear Ends. I am obsessed with this vest, it is soo soft and perfect for this early spring weather here in Michigan, I might have to steal it from my mom and take it back to school with me…

The mom jeans are from Urban Outfitters. They fit pretty well except I will probably need to wear them with a belt. They are very high-waisted so I thought they were perfect to hide a belly full of brunch 😉

This outfit was super comfortable but also cute enough for an instagram pic, which is my favorite! I also just wanted to include my adorable easter eggs made with ~organic~ dye 🙂

Easter OutfitImage 4-1-18 at 6.05 PM.jpg