Summer ➜ Autumn: Transition your wardrobe

It’s almost time to go back to school which means autumn is in the air! Summer and Fall are tied for my favorite seasons so I thought I’d show you how I transition my Summer wardrobe into Fall.

One piece that I wore the most this summer was this black bodysuit from Forever 21. It’s comfortable and an easy piece to throw on. Bodysuits can make a simple outfit look like you put more effort into it while staying super casual. I usually wore this one with shorts or skirts this Summer.

Image 8-12-18 at 9.15 PM

To make this bodysuit appropriate for fall weather, I threw on this super fun jacket I bought from River Island in London. I love the movement of this jacket and it can add a flare to a casual outfit.

Image 8-12-18 at 9.13 PM

My jeans are the brand Seven, which are usually super expensive but I bought them on sale at Nordstrom Rack. They’re amazing quality and they’re the best fitting jeans I own (and I have a lot).

Image 8-12-18 at 9.13 PMImage 8-12-18 at 9.16 PMImage 8-12-18 at 9.16 PM

My hat is also from River Island. This color is kind of summer color, but it gives the outfit a pop of color which is still fitting for Fall.


These booties are from a local shoe store called Sundance Shoes. I have been obsessing over two toned pieces this summer, and Fall calls for some cute booties!

Image 8-12-18 at 9.18 PM

This outfit has the perfect tones for fall. This jacket from Anthropology is such a statement piece, it can make any outfit interesting.

Image 8-12-18 at 9.19 PM

My jeans are from Primark, and they’re a little big because they didn’t have my size, but I actually like the fit of them, as long as I have a belt on. The belt I’m wearing is from Brandy Melville, I love the country flare in this belt mixed with the bohemian jacket.

Image 8-12-18 at 9.17 PMimage-8-12-18-at-9-21-pm1-e1534127795751.jpg

And again I’m wearing the same white boots from Express that I have worn way too many times in my blogs, but come on, they’re iconic.

Image 8-12-18 at 9.39 PM

This last outfit is my favorite and the most daring. I picked up the shoes and the jacket from a local shop called Sundance Shoes during a sale. The shoes are Jeffrey Campbell, which has always been my dream to own a pair. They’re a coarse fur material with silver detailing that actually matches my belt.

Image 8-12-18 at 9.23 PM

My Jeans are just classic mom jeans from Urban Outfitters, super comfy, super mommish. Image 8-12-18 at 9.22 PM

See you next time


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