🌷 Spring Lookbook 🌷

Spring is one of my favorite seasons so I put together some spring looks that I hope will inspire you to get out of your comfort zone during this beautiful season! I’m in love with these looks and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do 🙂

Look #1

This first look is very pink and simple for those days where you want to look cute but don’t want to try too hard. I call this look “pokaHOT” am I right!! okay sorry that was gross I’ll never do that again. These adorable shorts I’m wearing are from Zara (aka the love of my life). My black bodysuit is from Forever 21.This little purse is from Urban outfitters and I literally got it for $6 I’ve never felt more complete in my life. The boots I’m wearing are from Topshop, we’ve seen them, we love them, moving on.

Look #2

I call this look the “I wanna be a cowboy baby” because there’s nothing I want more than to be a cowboy and take my horse to the old town road when I’m wearing these flare jeans from Nordstrom.I paired this look with the same black bodysuit from Forever 21, this incredible sequin fringe jacket from River Island, and of course the white boots again.

Look #3

I call this look “the runaway bride” because I’m not sure why I thought it would be a good idea to pair a white dress with flowers but you win some you lose some.This beautiful dress is from Zara, I actually stole it from my mom but that’s okay because the best things in life are free right?I’m also wearing the boots from Topshot…again. I also added a chunky black belt on to give the dress some shape.Underneath I’m wearing a white bodysuit from Brandy Melville along with my new favorite pair of jeans from Levi’s. I seriously searched for the perfect pair of jeans for months and these are the best thing that’s ever happened to me. 10/10 recommend Levi’s jeans (they’re the rib cage straight if you were wondering). These tulips are from Plum market I don’t think you really cared though.

Hope you enjoyed and were inspired by this spring lookbook! See you next time loves ❤

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Valentine’s Day Lookbook

Raise your hand if you’ll be spending your Valentines Day alone, eating chocolate you bought yourself while binge watching Netflix. I know I will be and I’m not mad about it. Whether you’re staying in, spending the day with your friends, or going on a date, I’ve put together some cute looks that would be perfect for any occasion. SHEIN is celebrating Valentine’s day by giving you a special code for US shoppers that you can use until March 31st! Use the code SH4148 for 15% off!

Look #1 This first look is personally my favorite because it’s so comfy (minus the shoes but you can swap them out for flats). These pants are from SHEIN and they’re so cute and they literally feel like pajama pants while still looking chic. And of course what would a Lexi Shepard blog be without my favorite sweater from H&m that I would wear every day if I could (even though I basically do anyway). I’m also wearing my booties from Express.This look would be perfect for a casual date or for any Galentine’s events!

Look #2I just want to start off by saying yes I wore this skirt backwards for this entire shoot and no I don’t want to talk about it. This outfit is super flirty and perfect for date night. The skirt is from SHEIN, it’s the perfect length and it’s super flattering. It’s also cuter when you’re actually wearing it the right way.Okay but let’s talk about these shoes!! They’re from Forever 21 and I love them so much. I wish I had a reason to wear them but it’s okay I’ll keep waiting for my moment.I’m also wearing my second favorite sweater from Topshop. It’s cute, cropped and a turtleneck, what else could I possibly need?

Look #3This look is extra but I think it would be really fun to wear to a Galentine’s party. The skirt is from SHEIN and it has a slit which I love. It’s so pretty and just really fun to wear honestly. The white top is also from SHEIN. You can’t really tell but it has frills on the shoulders and the neck. I think this top is so cute and you could wear it so many different ways. I’m also wearing my fur coat from Forever 21 which is surprisingly pretty warm and really nice quality.  And of course I’m wearing these amazing boots again. I mean come on they’re STUNNING.Don’t forget to use the code SH4148 for 15% off your order! #SHEIN4LOVE

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Affordable Looks with SHEIN

Fashion can be hard when you’re a broke college student but I’m here to save the day. All of these outfits are super affordable and trendy. I didn’t include shoes in this because I feel like it is important to invest in nice shoes that you can wear with a ton of outfits. Huge thank you to SHEIN for sending me some really cute pieces! SHEIN is known for being an affordable brand and I really love their products!! I only work with brands that I truly support because I want to give honest reviews. If you want to shop my looks or see what else SHEIN has you can use my coupon code Q1lexishepard15 for 15% off! I will have their website and the links to the pieces I have at the end of the blog!

Look #1_MG_0138This first outfit is very edgy and relaxed. The sweatshirt I’m wearing is from SHEIN. I was literally so surprised by how soft and comfortable it is for only $16! I got this in a size XL so I could wear it oversized. You could also wear this sweatshirt with high boots and you’ll look like an icon.  _MG_0180These leather pants are from Forever 21 and they’re pretty stretchy but be careful if you purchase these because the waist is SO TIGHT. I usually have issues with pants gapping at the waist but these pants are the complete opposite. My fanny pack is also from Forever 21, it’s the perfect size for a cross body bag and you can fit so much inside of it that I’m feeling like Mary Poppins. Both the pants and the bag were each $20 (bringing the total cost of the outfit to $56, not bad not bad)_MG_0239.jpg

Look #2IMG_1751This look is a bit more sophisticated but I wanted to keep it casual with the sneakers. The grid suit is from SHEIN. I feel like this would be a good outfit if you want to look professional without looking uptight because it’s a loose fitting suit. It also allows you to add your own unique style. This two piece set is only $22 total!IMG_1749I’m also wearing a simple black turtleneck from H&m. I don’t remember the exact price but I know it was around $10 so the total cost of this outfit is around $32! That’s a really good deal in my opinion.IMG_1748If you want to shop my looks or see what else SHEIN has, don’t forget to use my coupon code Q1lexishepard15.

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3 Ways to Style a Denim Jumpsuit

Guess what? You’re allowed to wear white after Labor Day! Owning a denim jumpsuit is a must in my opinion because there are so many ways to style them and they’re a staple in your wardrobe. My denim jumpsuit is from Nasty Gal, which is my new favorite store because they always have sales and cute pieces.

Look #1img_0657This fur coat from Forever 21 dresses up the jumpsuit and gives it a more sophisticated look, rather than looking like a painter. It also keeps you warmer in the winter because Michigan SUCKKSS :))img_0674I’m also wearing my white boots (again) from Express because they just complete any look (even though I usually don’t wear them out because I can’t walk in them)img_0670img_0675img_0659

Look #2img_0663This look really has me feeling like Bob Ross but I’m not even mad about it because he was an icon. It’s a step down from the first look but still a bit dressy with the platform boots (which are so comfortable I wear them everyday). I got these boots from Sundance Shoes. img_0664I’m also wearing this black turtleneck underneath from H&M. I got this top specifically for layering because it’s a super thin and soft material and it’s so versatile.  img_0665img_0666img_0667img_0678This last look is definitely the most casual of them all. I wore the same sweater I have worn almost everyday that I got from H&M. This sweater literally goes with every outfit it’s my favorite thing I own. I feel like the most important thing about shopping is finding items that you know you can put together AT LEAST 3 outfits with pieces you already own.img_0660I’m also wearing my Filas that have little flowers on the side that you’ll never know about because they didn’t get in any of the pictures. I bought these when I was in Paris and I never wear them because they’re too small so if you have any tips for that please let me know!!img_0661Even thought you can barely see them, I’m also wearing these cute hoops from Francesca’s, I re-pierced my right ear myself so that I could wear these so appreciate me please.img_0662img_0673

Look #4_MG_9993.jpgBob Ross.

I hope you found some inspiration from this blog and it encourages you to dress outside of your comfort zone. If you get anything out of this post, remember to try to buy staple pieces that you can make at least 3 outfits with!


☆ NYE Lookbook ☆

I’m literally obsessed with December holidays so I wanted to show you how I would style an outfit for NYE. I love being extra and wearing statement places but you can dial these down if they are out of your comfort zone!

Look #1

Okay this look is BOUJEE let’s not lie. I feel like we all want to look a little expensive on NYE but this jacket from Forever 21 was actually affordable and the quality is amazing (it’s also super warm if you live in Michigan and its -30 degrees out).

I wore these white boots from Express, I’ve worn these in so many blogs I don’t even have to mention them anymore you just get it. I love them okay that is all. The pants I’m wearing are from Zara and they’re super stretchy and comfortable so your feet may be dying but at least your legs are comfortable.This white top is from Forever 21 and and it’s honestly not that important but I need to wear a shirt you know… The little headband is literally from Five and Below I bet you didn’t expect that ugh I love that place. Look #2

The second look is a little bit more casual and comfortable. This is my favorite sweater in the world from H&M (not gonna lie it’s itchy but just layer something underneath and you’re set).

If you don’t live under a rock (I mean this with all the love) you’ve seen these pants before on my blog and if you do live under a rock they’re from Forever 21. Super cute. Super comfy. Kind of cold af. Special thanks to this gem for making this blog post possible ❤

~Behind the scenes featuring my quarter life crisis~When you paint a whole stool for a blog post and you forget it at home :/

Thanks for tuning in and supporting my absence. See you when I see you.


Summer ➜ Autumn: Transition your wardrobe

It’s almost time to go back to school which means autumn is in the air! Summer and Fall are tied for my favorite seasons so I thought I’d show you how I transition my Summer wardrobe into Fall.

One piece that I wore the most this summer was this black bodysuit from Forever 21. It’s comfortable and an easy piece to throw on. Bodysuits can make a simple outfit look like you put more effort into it while staying super casual. I usually wore this one with shorts or skirts this Summer.

Image 8-12-18 at 9.15 PM

To make this bodysuit appropriate for fall weather, I threw on this super fun jacket I bought from River Island in London. I love the movement of this jacket and it can add a flare to a casual outfit.

Image 8-12-18 at 9.13 PM

My jeans are the brand Seven, which are usually super expensive but I bought them on sale at Nordstrom Rack. They’re amazing quality and they’re the best fitting jeans I own (and I have a lot).

Image 8-12-18 at 9.13 PMImage 8-12-18 at 9.16 PMImage 8-12-18 at 9.16 PM

My hat is also from River Island. This color is kind of summer color, but it gives the outfit a pop of color which is still fitting for Fall.


These booties are from a local shoe store called Sundance Shoes. I have been obsessing over two toned pieces this summer, and Fall calls for some cute booties!

Image 8-12-18 at 9.18 PM

This outfit has the perfect tones for fall. This jacket from Anthropology is such a statement piece, it can make any outfit interesting.

Image 8-12-18 at 9.19 PM

My jeans are from Primark, and they’re a little big because they didn’t have my size, but I actually like the fit of them, as long as I have a belt on. The belt I’m wearing is from Brandy Melville, I love the country flare in this belt mixed with the bohemian jacket.

Image 8-12-18 at 9.17 PMimage-8-12-18-at-9-21-pm1-e1534127795751.jpg

And again I’m wearing the same white boots from Express that I have worn way too many times in my blogs, but come on, they’re iconic.

Image 8-12-18 at 9.39 PM

This last outfit is my favorite and the most daring. I picked up the shoes and the jacket from a local shop called Sundance Shoes during a sale. The shoes are Jeffrey Campbell, which has always been my dream to own a pair. They’re a coarse fur material with silver detailing that actually matches my belt.

Image 8-12-18 at 9.23 PM

My Jeans are just classic mom jeans from Urban Outfitters, super comfy, super mommish. Image 8-12-18 at 9.22 PM

See you next time


☆ Paris Week 1 ☆

Our next destination is Paris. Leaving London was so hard, but we were excited for our next adventure. I still miss London because it feels more like a home to me, but I also love Paris.


We were going to climb the Arc de Triomphe but, unfortunately, the workers were on strike. I wasn’t too upset though because I had just met Penelope Garcia from Criminal Minds and I was on cloud 9. We walked around Champs Elysées for a bit, window shopped and ate some really good macaroons. We also walked through the Tuileries Gardens on our way to La Saint Chapelle, which was beautiful. After class we went out with a few other girls in our group and got food because we were starving after not eating for about 7 hours.

I actually had a lot of questions from people asking where I got this dress. I bought it from Urban Outfitters. It’s really comfortable but in the heat it felt a lot heavier than I anticipated. I love this dress though so I will still wear whether its 90 degrees or 60.

Image 6-21-18 at 5.42 PMImage 6-19-18 at 9.13 PMImage 6-19-18 at 9.13 PM (1)


We had some classwork to do on Wednesday morning, but in the afternoon we went to the top of the Eiffel Tower. I only made it to the second level because I don’t like heights. Later that night we went back to the park in front of the Eiffel tower and sat and ate ice cream for a little until the lighting was perfect for some photos. It was so peaceful and we are hoping to spend more nights like these.

This dress is also from Urban Outfitters (They should sponsor me I’m obsessed). I would normally wear this outfit with some wedges but I didn’t get the chance to go back to my apartment to change my shoes.

IMG_4803Image 6-20-18 at 11.05 PM


We went to a cemetery which was cool I guess if you want to walk around dead people. For lunch we went to this amazing falafel restaurant and it was the best thing ever I need to go back. We decided to stay and walk around that area after. There were rainbow flags all over the streets and rainbows were even painted on the roads next to the crosswalks for gay pride. It was such a great community and I really want to go back on a day that I have more energy.

I only took one picture of my outfit because I suck but I wore my overall dress from New Look and a simple white t-shirt underneath.

Image 6-24-18 at 9.01 PM.jpg


We went to Versailles which was incredible. The hall of mirrors was stunning but I couldn’t really get a good picture because it was packed, which is not fun if you are claustrophobic btw. It has been so cool to actually step foot in the places that you learn so much about in school.

I wore my black crop top from Zara and the skirt that I stole from my mom that I featured in my Mother’s day blog. If you haven’t read it, she bought it from a designer in NYC. I wore my Steve Madden platforms which was a mistake considering we were walking on very uneven ground for most of our time here. If you ever find yourself at Versailles I highly suggest wearing sneakers.

Image 6-22-18 at 8.50 PMImage 6-22-18 at 8.40 PM


Saturday was our shopping day, but in the evening we got together with some other girls in our group and had a picnic at the Eiffel Tower. This was one of my favorite nights so far. We drank some Rosé and watched the tower light up. I definitely need to do this again because it was surreal.

I literally bought everything I’m wearing that day. My shoes are FILA and yes I splurged but I have wanted these for so long and I found some with roses on them so I obviously had to buy them. My top and pants are both from Pull&Bear which is a company that you can only find in Europe. It was probably the only store we could find that was actually affordable and not an American store.

Image 6-24-18 at 12.46 AMImage 6-24-18 at 5.08 PMImage 6-24-18 at 5.10 PMImage 6-24-18 at 5.04 PMImage 6-24-18 at 5.12 PMImage 6-24-18 at 5.13 PMImage 6-24-18 at 5.15 PM

☆ See you next week! ☆